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Published on May 22, 2012

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Eric (aka: WVradioman)
It has been proved by Fred Leuchter (and MANY others !), that there were NO gas-chambers at the Auschwitz work camp (aka "concentration camp"), and that it was not an "extermination camp".., but in actuality.., a holding and slave-labor camp.

Though I would NOT exactly call it "slave labor".., as the inmates were paid in "script" or "coupons" (aka: "camp money"), which could be used to purchase items at the camp's commissary (cantina) AND other "items and services" (even including a small "bordello" !!). This script-money can be found to this day.., in quite a number of "private collections" around the world. Just do a "simple search" on the internet for the MANY examples of such prison-camp monetary notes !!

In fact.., there is no evidence of ANY gas chambers (for the killing of people) in ANY of the Nazi concentration camps. Though there were some highly technically and well built "gas chambers" that were used for the "delousing" of prisoner's clothing from "Lice" and other such disease carrying insects.

NOW.., let us look at the other evidence.., about this supposed "hell on earth" prison camp !! The "generating" of Holocaust survivor evidence is a very well paid business !! BUT.., the testimonies of the "survivors" in this video.., talked without any monetary compensation.., and therefore they were free to tell the truth.., though they probably "caught hell".., from the other members of their "tribe".., after these interviews were released !!! (just like David Cole got his death threats and such.., after working with Ernst Zündel !!)

As we saw in the recent Libyan invasion, where the RAF (Royal Air Force) of Briton bombed the food and water supplies in order to starve the people.., and then dropped biological weapons to spread disease in Sirte and Bani Walid...

THIS IS HOW the malnourished (skin-and-bone people) and the dead corpses appeared at the end of WWII.., at many of the "concentration camps" !!

There was very little to eat.., and all.., INCLUDING the guards went hungry !! The resulting typhoid outbreaks caused by the allies (and those WONDERFUL communist WE helped !) compounded the problem with MANY dying from the disease.., thus the large piles of emaciated bodies.

The "Holohoax" was (and still is !!) a very profitable scam (both in political and financial terms) to control and brainwash the white European nations into not questioning (or even debating !) anything to do with what really happened (and DID NOT happen) during those terrible years of MUNIPULATED war...

All this.., so that the Rothschilds (and others of their kind) can continue their progress towards a "One World Government" and a "New World Order".., being carried out by their "connections" and "puppets" through the US Congress and Senate, the Federal Reserve, the CFR (Counsil on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the "Bilderberg Group", and the UN (United Nations).., among countless other organizations funded by them.., or created on their behalf...

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!!! Truth Does Not Fear Investigation !!!

Also something VERY important to remember is.., "He who Wins the War.., also Writes the History"

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"The Truth shall make you Free.., but at first.., it'll make you Damn Mad" !!!