Richard B. Spencer: “Facing the Future as a Minority”


budd studdard


Published on Jun 26, 2020

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The 2013 American Renaissance Conference.

Richard Spencer, director of the National Policy Institute, speaks of the need to go beyond the question of immigration that absorbs so much nationalist effort. We have stopped amnesties in the past, but the other side always returns to the fight. And, since a white newborn is already a minority, stopping immigration would only delay our decline into minority status. In any case, not all immigration is bad. We should prepare to welcome the whites who, for example, may well be forced en mass out of southern Africa. Unlike others who talk about immigration in terms of numbers, we talk in terms of quality.

Conventional “conservative” goals are irrelevant to us. What would sound money, limited government, and a return to the Constitution mean if the country were a Third-World mishmash? These goals attract white people and give them the impression that they have a role in shaping the country, but any effort that ignores race is effort wasted. The energy and commitment of these white people must be redirected towards goals that will genuinely serve them.

“Our challenge is one of the spirit,” says Mr. Spencer. “Our task is to capture the imagination of our people or at least the best of our people and shock them out of their assumptions of what they think is possible.” Mr. Spencer notes that for many decent whites the process of letting go of the dream of America will be very painful, but we must dream of a new nation, an ethnostate for our people on this continent. He notes that although the idea may seem fanciful now, the construction of an ethnostate is a modest project compared to crazy federal goals such as narrowing the racial gaps and bringing democracy to the Middle East.

Our ethnostate will be an old-new country that nourishes our roots even as it ensures our future. Mr. Spencer concludes by quoting Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism: “If you wish it, it is no fairy tale. If you do not wish, it is a fairy tale and will remain so.”


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