Serge Trifkovic: "Migratory Jihad and the Crisis of Europe"


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Published on Jun 26, 2020

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Professor Serge Trifkovic shows how Islam, from the beginning, spread by conquest and expansion. He explains that Islam is a closed system, unlike Christianity, because it is without any spirit of inquiry. Dividing the world into the House of Islam and the House of War, Islam offers the world a simple choice: submission or war.

Europe has experienced great Muslim invasions in the past, but the third great invasion now underway may prove fatal. Prof. Trifkovic lists ways to stop the rise of Islam in America: border security, no more Muslim immigration, and profiling.

Ultimately however, overcoming Islam means overcoming the universalistic liberal view imposed on the West by an elite that feels no loyalty to any country. Unfortunately, unlike Communism in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, the attitudes of the governing class have been internalized by Western populations. Prof. Trifkovic urges us to act with a sense of urgency; otherwise, the West could face a collapse that is “rapid and terminal.”

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