Birds of prey fighting for prey in the air


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 2, 2013

These are probably the parents of the young eagles shown cavorting in the sky. This view was taken about a month before the later one. It shows bald eagles in an in-air acrobatic fight. They make makes a half-roll and barrel rolls onto their sides and backs and then right themselves. They scream and vocalize.

Video shows crows attacking an adult American Bald Eagle. It was the end of winter and the birds were starved. The eagle had been enjoying its dinner, which looked like a whitetail deer. The crows attacked and eagle flew away and let the crows eat for a while. Sometimes the crows nosedived straight down. Later the eagle returned. The crows displayed aerial acrobatics, nose-diving straight down with beaks pointed at the eagle. They also attacked the eagle when it was in flight.

The Bald Eagle is a large bird, with a body length up to 42 in, a wingspan up to 96 inches, and weighs up to 15.5 lb; females are about 25 percent larger than males. The adult Bald Eagle has a brownish body with a white head and tail, bright yellow irises, talloned feet, and a hooked beak.

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