Mustang Wanted skywalker from Ukraine dead?


Pravda Report


Published on Apr 2, 2013

The extreme sportsman, a former legal adviser who goes by the name Mustang Wanted, claims 'fear does not exist'.

'Sometimes I think that I'm a robot. I do not feel anything,' said Mustang, who asked for his real name to be withheld.

'Death is not the worst thing that can happen. Everyone dies - but not everyone lives the way they want. If you are afraid of everything - you must live in a sterile laboratory.'

Mustang, from Kiev, has yet to suffer serious injury and says he 'would be dead rather than injured' if an accident occurred

His only real concern is the police, who sometimes intervene and put a stop to his stunts.

He has always been involved in extreme sports since childhood

His future plans are to push his sky-walking career, gain more sponsorship deals for his videos and eventually become a stuntman.

The young man is 26

His first hobbies included Capoeira and 'throwing battle axes'.

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