Roman Britain: From the Air (2015, 720p)


Alexander IV


Published on May 5, 2020

Roman Britain: From The Air Is a unique journey across Britain by helicopter, Christine Bleakley and historian Dr Michael Scott tell the story of what life was like for Romans and Britons 2000 years ago. The Romans were the first to invade and occupy Britain and their architecture and way of life have left a legacy that’s lasted 1600 years. From Hadrian’s Wall to the 6000 seat Amphitheatre at Caerleon, Britain has some of the most remarkable Roman remains in Europe. Christine Bleakley takes to the skies in a helicopter to see the Roman remains that are best viewed from the air. Meanwhile, historian Michael Scott tracks down the fine details of Roman Britain on the ground. Their journey takes them from London, across to Wales and north to the spectacular Hadrian’s Wall. The programme visits fascinating sites including the best-preserved Roman legionary barracks anywhere in Europe, the best-preserved outdoor Amphitheatre in Britain and Roman town walls that stretch for over a mile.
-- This is shared without profit for educational and historical purposes ---

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