The Gulf War 1991 (Line of Fire/2002, Documentary)


Alexander IV


Published on Apr 15, 2020

Line of Fire_Vol.1_12of12 - The Gulf War 1991 -
On August 3rd 1990, Iraq, under its ferocious dictator Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait, its oil-rich neighbour. Not long out of a war with Iran, Iraq badly under-estimated the reaction of the watching world to its unprovoked attack; in particular, they believed that the US would not dare to become involved. A coalition against Iraq was formed, of forces from 35 nations, and it struck back in January 1991. Iraq's air defence system and the country's infra-structure were taken apart by air attacks that utilised the very latest warfare technology - and it was technology as much as anything else that brought Iraq's armed forces to its knees. Saddam had promised the 'mother of all battles' - words that came to haunt him and his army as they were caught in the open on the bloody road to Basra.
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