Red Ice Radio - Scott Tips - Codex Alimentarius Update Victory, Nutrient Ref & Swine Flu - Part 1


Red Ice TV


Published on Nov 15, 2009

We have Scott Tips from The National Health Federation back with us on the program to get a Codex Alimentarius Update. Scott who is a lawyer who has been specializing in food and drug law and trademark law has just returned from the latest Codex meeting in Germany where a the NHF had a major victory. We talk about this and his upcoming speaking engagements in Sweden. Topics: Nutrition Guidelines, CCNFSU, Hosting in Germany, Vitamin Labeling, FAO, WHO, Amounts of Vitamin C, Fluoride, NRV's, EFSA, the Document, Nutrient Reference Values, the Propaganda Machine, Natural Therapies, Vitamins and Minerals, Can one get too much Vitamin? Natural Vitamins, Brazil Nuts, Magnesium, Selenium, Organically Grown Food, Pharmaceutical Companies benefit on this? Nutrient Reference Values, Disease, So this particular meeting was about lowering vitamin standards, Regulations, Safety, Bureaucratic Stranglehold, Free Choice, CRN, Swine Flu Vaccination and much more.