Interview With Dr. E. Michael Jones| Raw Version


Maryam Henein


Published on Jun 27, 2020

Youtube removed my second part of this interview. Here is the raw interview with Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars.

We speak about the ADL, free speech, Zionists, Logos.

I am a journalist. I do not need to agree with every single point that someone makes. I stand for free speech

After 11 years of promoting all of his books, including The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Amazon, without notice or warning, removed them from their seller account. That move was preceded by the removal of all of his e-books from my Amazon Kindle account one week earlier.

His Amazon Kindle account was also taken down Why? Because they dared to publish an e-book entitled "Nazi Hunters and their Catholic Proxy Warriors," which was a review of a series produced---you guessed it--by Amazon Prime.

Story i wrote on PORN

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