Maryam Henein


Published on Jun 25, 2020

Is the Food & Drug Administration really a criminal drug cartel and Big Pharma protection racket?

FDA is running a covert “Quack Hack” program to harass and intimidate nutrition-oriented small businesses across America. I am part of this attack as I sell chelated silver, vitamin C, and other NUTRIENTS. The aim of the FDA program is to directly sabotage and “hack” nutrition-oriented businesses across America, but the operation itself is a violation of U.S. cybercrimes laws that the FDA has chosen to ignore. The FDA, in other words, is now operating as a black hat cyber hacking operation that’s working on behalf of Big Pharma to sabotage competing businesses. And it’s doing all this with taxpayer dollars.

Here I interview a health professional. ONE HOUR after our initial call, FIVE FDA agents showed up at this person's home. Listen to what this health professional went through. During our call s/he received a MENACING threatening email saying "We ARE watching YOU." This person was VIOLATED.

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