Radio 3Fourteen - Jonny Enoch - Kratom & The Multiverse


Red Ice TV


Published on Jun 15, 2012

Red Ice Radio presents Radio 3Fourteen...

Jonny Enoch from discusses all things kratom, an amazing herb the world needs to know about. Then, we dive into metaphysical concepts exploring quantum physics, the multiverse, inter-dimensional realities, DNA changes, extraterrestrials, consciousness technologies and sacred geometry. Jonny went to college to become a counselor, and specialized in addictions studies and psychology. Additionally, he gives psychic readings and does clinical hypnotherapy focusing on Dr. Michael Newton's technique of "life between life" regressions. Enoch also has taught metaphysical subjects and lectured extensively. He ran a fairly popular podcast and put out two printed publication on esoteric/metaphysical subjects. He's also belonged to several Qabalistic magical orders. Currently, he's working on an interesting book, which we'll talk about and an online TV show.

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