Red Ice Radio - Marty Leeds - Hour 1 - Pi & The Alchemical Marriage


Red Ice TV


Published on Apr 9, 2012

Marty Leeds discusses the seemingly overwhelming subject of mathematics, and how it unlocks an understanding of many other subjects in his book, "Pi --The Great Work." He claims spiritual doctrines, mythology, folktale are encoded with mathematical knowledge. His book presents us with the idea that all of the math in the universe can be done using the numbers 1 through 9. Leeds describes his book as an inspirational journey through anthropology, spirituality, linguistics, symbolism and much, much more all viewed through the lens of Pi. In this first hour, Marty will discuss math as a language of symbols that also has spiritual significance. We'll discuss the sacred aspects of Pi. He emphasizes the simplicity in math which can be understood easily through the use of the basic mathematical principles that everyone knows. Leeds believes that mathematics is the key to understanding everything in our world, past and present. Later, we venture into muse, creativity and duality.