Keto Before 6 With Quicksilver Scientific's Dr. Chris Shade


Maryam Henein


Published on Jul 5, 2019

Now getting into ketosis has never been easier.

Dr. Shade introduces Quicksilver's new product Keto Before Six offered on HoneyColony

The keto diet has recently swept the country for its ability to promote weight loss, improve energy levels, enhance mental acuity, and positively impact chronic disease. However, anyone who has followed this diet knows just how challenging adherence can be. The keto diet is thought to be restrictive, and nutritional ketosis is typically hard to achieve and easy to lose.

Fortunately, there are a variety of nutraceuticals that can help shift the body into fat-burning by directly inhibiting the mTOR pathway to quickly push the body into ketosis.

The catch is that these compounds are only effective when delivered into the blood in high amounts without prior metabolism – a problem for typical oral delivery methods. The solution is advanced nano-emulsion delivery.

The Quicksilver Delivery System’s technology allows for rapid delivery of these compounds into the bloodstream, by-passing metabolism in the GI tract. Their unique nano-emulsion of specialized phytonutrients can quickly shift the body deep into ketosis while following either the classic keto diet, or a less restrictive, more flexible keto diet. This product will allow you to slip in and out of ketosis with ease, reaping the benefits of a fasted, ketogenic state while following a more flexible diet and lifestyle.

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