CBD Oil In An Age of Technofacism


Maryam Henein


Published on May 28, 2019

Today, everyone and their mama is making CBD oil, including Martha Stewart and Kim Kardashian West. Americans of all ages are using it, too. But as CBD goes mainstream, do consumers realize what those on the front lines have battled to bring this sacred plant to society?
Maryam Henein offers an insider's experience as a journalist and entrepreneur, navigating the burgeoning CBD industry, and the chaos and corruption behind the scenes. She ~ along with other entrepreneurs ~ became a near casualty of an asinine system that caters to big corporations, Big Pharma, big banks, disinformation, fear, corruption, and greed. At the core of our recurring challenges is Big Pharma—with their artificially patented CBD drug— and thirst for the incredibly profitable market niche of cannabinoid oils, estimated to grow to 22 billion by 2022.
“There is a gap in education when it comes to what is really happening behind the scenes of the CBD market. Technofascism is real and so is the slime and sleaze associated with this sacred plant compound. I have not only covered the industry as a reporter, but I’ve also benefited from CBD’s healing properties. Why has the system tried to shut us down and shut me up?”