I Don't Wanna Talk About NASA by Conspiracy Music Guru


red pilled girl


Published on Feb 1, 2021

a couple of weeks back my channel was doing so well.. gettin' 1 new sub a day and some days even 3 or 4 new ones! I was rapidly approaching a 1000 subscribers and I was even panicking a bit that I'd not get my 1000 subs thank you video finished by then.... But then the new subs stopped and my subscriber count even went down (for the first time ever!)

now I wonder why? ;)

oh yeah! I started talking about NASA.....
again...... ;)

Enjoy this GREAT song by Conspiracy Music Guru.... some of you might be able to relate ;))

original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kowTcF3Hdo&pbjreload=101

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