big tech cuts comms, big food cuts supplies - ice age farmer's last yt broadcast??


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Published on Jan 13, 2021

hi subscribers!
I'm nearly at a 1000 subs - and I wanna do something special to thank you all for being faithful... I need YOUR ideas and wishes and needs!
guys, I really don't know where I'm at on yt: I assume I'm heavily shadow-banned, as I have over 900 subs but my videos get like 50 to a100 views. I used to get quite a few comments, but now there's very few. found one from mr orly, hidden by yt cos of "might be inappropriate" lol (it's cos he said that he thinks I'm ok - human emotion, ooooooh should be banned lol yt). i found it 3 weeks later.... I put a tick in the box to make it visible, replied to it, pressed publish - and comment and reply just vanished. i don't know how many people are REALLY watching the videos, cos i don't know how many people are commenting, I don't know even if I have 941 subs, or maybe it's just 141? and I'd be interested to hear what it says when you guys watch yt, how many subs, how many comments under the videos, how many likes aso ;)) Let it be said here: I would love you guys to comment more, as I've always had the desire to communicate and learn from each other and was originally meant to be such a platform. I never did manage to create a website, king cv took over and things got pretty uncomfortable for me. maybe if the time is right i can give a little testimony. I know other yters are doing live streams to have more contact with their subscribers. I don't have the time to put into that at the moment. but i love to read comments, please keep them coming! love to you all, you're awesome :)) i appreciate you all!

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