Coronavirus - Don't Buy into the Propaganda




Published on Feb 26, 2020
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Statistics of the Month:

World Bank’s ‘Pandemic Bonds’ Mature in July – Investors Lose $500 Million If a Pandemic Declared:

Coronavirus May Already Be a 'Global Pandemic'. Here's What's About to Change:

Italy Towns on Effective Lockdown After Virus Clusters Form:

CDC Has Confirmed 35 Cases of Novel Coronavirus in the US:

US Military Prepping for Coronavirus Pandemic:

U.S. Marines and Navy Prepare to Execute Pandemic Plan As Questions Resurface About Coronavirus Origin:

Did Coronavirus Originate in Chinese Government Laboratory?:

Woman Released From Hospital - Coronavirus Patients Were Taken to Crematorium While Still Alive:

Why Was University of Rochester Recruiting Medical Subjects, When the Baseline Requirement Was They Had to be 100% Ethnic Chinese?:

Bill Ryan - The Anglo-Saxon Mission:

Dana Ashlie - The Best News re Coronavirus You've Heard All Month! Kinda:

The Mike & Doug Show: Q is for the Queen's Qinetiq - Coronavirus Patent (Mirror):

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