Australian Fire Series Part 8 - Climate Fraud & Agenda 21




Published on Jan 27, 2020
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Australian Fire Series Playlist

Australia fires: 'Apocalypse' comes to Kangaroo Island:

Mining Company Announces Drilling Plans for Kangaroo Island Deposit:

French Island:

French Island's Former Prison Could Become Chinese Tourism Destination:

Nuclear Reactors Called SMRs Are Being Touted as Possible Energy Source for Australia:

Nov 2019 - Celebrating Defeat of Nuclear Plans for French Island:

Emergency Warning Issued for French Island in Victoria, Home to 100 Residents and a Strong Koala Population:

Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Dead in NSW as bushfire Ash Washed into River:

Australia weather: Freak Hail and Monster Dust Clouds Sweep East Coast:

Hailstorm Sweep Through Canberra:

Huge Dust storm Across NSW:

Australia's Bushfires May Create the Nation’s First Climate Refugees:

Bushfire-Destroyed Homes Should Not be Rebuilt in Riskiest Areas, Experts Say:

Forgotten History: 50 Degrees Everywhere, Right Across Australia in the 1800s:

Hawksbury Council Planning Draft 2017-2040:

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