Red Ice Radio - Steven Greer - Pt 5 - ET: Friend or Enemy?


Red Ice TV


Published on May 23, 2010

Steven Greer from the joins us to discuss the latest comments made by Stephen Hawking on ET, he claims contact might be dangerous to humans. ET: are they friends or enemies? We talk about the agenda to portray ET as a threat to humanity. We discuss weaponization of space, black ops programs, black budgets and powerful rouge factions within government and business who are trying to prevent ET disclosure and hence withhold advanced technology and free energy devices. We also talk about disclosure, exotic technology, "fake" alien abductions and much more. Topics Discussed: "SDI, Disney Studios, Hollywood Aliens, Man Made Flying Saucers, Briefing Obama, John Podesta, Black Budgets, Wernher von Braun, Scalar Weapons, The Norway Spiral, Shooting Down UFO's, Disclosure, Files Released in UK, Sweden and France, Manmade UFO's, Zero-Point Energy, Energy from the Vacuum, Anti-Gravity, Consequence of Disclosure, Northrop Grumman, Weaponization of Space, Ancient Structures on Mars, the Majestic Group, William Colby, Tom Bearden, the Grey's, Abductions, Stan Romanek, Implants, Robot "ET" Encounters and more.

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