Red Ice Radio - Peter Smith - Pt 2 - Life Between Lives


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Published on May 13, 2010

We discuss Past Lives, Life between Lives Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression with Peter Smith, the President of The Michael Newton Institute. Peter is an LBL Therapist, trained and certified in the United States and also serves as a Trainer for the Institute. We discuss Michael Newton, the Institute, Hypnotherapy, the Technique Used, Case Studies and many of the Clients Testimony from Past Lives, Life between Life and, Life in other Dimensions and on Other Planets. Topics Discussed: Michael Newton, Hypnosis, Reincarnation, Soul, Near Death Experience, Lives between Lives, Hypnosis, Trans State, Forensic Hypnosis, Hybrid Souls, Indigenous inhabitants of this Planets, Male or Female Qualities of the Soul, Energetic, The Akashic Records, Record Keeping, Self Fulfilling Prophecies, Destiny and more. In hour two we proceed to discuss hybrid souls, Edgar Cayce and previous advanced civilizations. What happened to that previous high culture? We talk about this life experience, choice between heaven and hell, how we choose our life path, the agreement we make with other souls or beings before we decide to come here. Peter explains more about "The Life Selection Room" and the screens on the other side that shows you your life. Is life on this planet a kind of "Total Recall" experience? Is it a technology that places us in bodies? We also talk about the process of change, letting go, Karma, the importance of the heart chakra, false value systems in our modern world, religion & god, the skeptics point of view, DNA, how you choose your body, the circumstance of your birth place and time of birth. We end talking about the council of elders. Don't miss this exciting hour two with Peter Smith.

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