Shaun's Bell Curve Effigy Pt. 3 - Test Bias and "Mainstream Opinion"


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Dec 8, 2019

Part 3 of our journey through the mountain of interlocking falsities Salad Fingers as thrown into the limelight

Bit Chute:



To get past paywalls, go to , and then type in the DOI for the article you're looking for.

Relation between ASVAB and Soldiering Performance:

SAT actually OVERPREDICTS performance of NAMs:
- i.e. SAT is actually racially biased against Whites and E. Asians

IQ tests OVERPREDICT school performance of NAMs:

- Evidence of IQ tests having anti-white & anti-east asian bias

Article on black-white variance in relative subtest performance:

Snyderman and Rothman 1987:

Rindermann, Coyle and Becker 2013:

Same people from 2020:

Friedrichs 1973:

Sherwood and Nataupsky 1968:

(Forgot to show this one, evidence of greater popularity of opposing divergent evolution in 1968 than today).

Survey of Experts on Cultural Bias of IQ tests:

Expert Judges picking "Culturally Biased" Questions:

Rank-order difficulty does not vary by race:

Studies that show Psychology is actually a fairly rigorous field overall compared to the general shitshow that is "science":

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