Vaush: Dumber Than Kraut?


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Jul 16, 2019

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+++ Time Stamps +++

Sickle Cell
- 0:00:48
An Elegant Pause (NOT that I may have perhaps screwed up the editing):
- 0:04:11
It's Phenotypical, Not Genetic
- 0:07:41
A white person is genetically closer to a black person than another white person
- 0:11:34
Test Bias and Vaush's Mythical Consensus
- 0:16:52
- 0:29:18
Epigenetic Effects and Alleles
- 0:48:53
Romans and The European Revolution
- 0:58:47
The French Weren't White
- 1:30:34
The Red Tails
- 1:51:51
- 1:58:22
- 2:25:38
Concluding Remarks
- 2:31:32


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