Jewish Conspiracies! | YouTube Comments - Rebutted!


Stefan Molyneux


Published on May 18, 2015

YouTube Comment: "Okay, there's so much retardness here that I just facepalmed over nd over again since there's a blatant contradiction between communism and nazism a high schooler would understand:

Socialism or communism, whatever leftism you speak of, beleives that all classes and nationalities will unite more or less. Nazism (or rather Hitler because he is he pretty much engineered the most of the ideology and fathered it) thinks that the classes only can be united through VOLKSGEMEINSCHAFT, race-solidarity. Hitler despised communist because he thought that they were weak idealists like democrats and liberals (all in his opinion jew created) because in his mind the aryan race would always be superior to other races, and that races SHOULDN'T UNITE BUT IMPROVE THEMSELVES THROUGH ISOLATION AND RACE WAR, making the race stronger (socialdarwinism). SO you see, "all proletarians unite" was to Hitler just Humbug and pacifism,

I hope your simple minded brain enjoyed this basic lesson on Hitler and his ideas. I used to respect you, however I am increasingly aware tat you're not that bright."

Why Nazism Was Socialism and Why Socialism Is Totalitarian


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