Baltimore Riots: Police, Freddie Gray and Ambivalence


Stefan Molyneux


Published on May 7, 2015

Question: "There are so many hidden agendas in the speech and actions of the different political and non-partisan groups, so many wheels within wheels, the community here in Baltimore is a bit stunned into mental silence. We have met, and discussed, but we are searching for rational courses of action, lines of thought.

For example, I question the Constitutionality of the curfew, but I am at the same time overjoyed at the curfew. I live in a beautiful but noisy section of town (normally lots of fights outside in the middle of the night). I’m surprised at how quickly I stepped off my principles to wallow in the short-term gratification of peace and quiet — and a decrease in the likelihood that there would be more property damage.

I’m definitely in shock. I was stoic about the incredible pressure of school exams while a riot and fires are going on outside my window, but then I find myself suddenly angry, almost to the point of crying or hitting furniture. I second guess myself every day that I should have left."


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