Palm sunday medieval hymn: Gloria, laus et honor (Lyric video)


Adoration of the Cross


Published on Jul 13, 2021

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About this chant:
Gloria, laus is the Palm Sunday Hymnus ad Christum Regem ("Hymn to Christ the King") sung during the procession of the Liturgy of the Palms.
Composed by Theodulph of Orleans (d. 821), this hymn is often used as a processional hymn for Palm Sunday. According to a pretty little legend surrounding the composition of this hymn, Theodolf had been imprisoned for political reasons in a monastery in Angers. While he was imprisoned he wrote the hymn and sang it from the window of his cell just as Louis the Pious, King of France, was passing beneath the window in the procession on Palm Sunday in 821. The hymn so moved the king that he immediately ordered the holy bishop to be freed and restored to his see. The legend is now generally discredited on historical grounds. For a scriptural background of the hymn, see Matt. 21, 1-16 & Ps. 117, 26.
This chant was performed by Schola Cantorum Riga and Raimonds Tiguls from their album Carmina
recorded Riga Cathedral.
Latin lyrics:
Gloria, laus et honor, tibi sit,
Rex Christe Redemptor:
Cui puerile decus
prompsit Hosanna pium.

Israel es tu Rex,
Davidis et inclita proles:
Nomine qui in Domini,
Rex benedicte, venis.
Coetus in excelsis
te laudat caelicus omnis,
Et mortalis homo,
et cuncta creata simul.
Plebs Hebraea tibi
cum palmis obvia venit:
Cum prece, voto, hymnis,
adsumus ecce tibi.
Hi tibi passuro
solvebant munia laudis:
Nos tibi regnanti
pangimus ecce melos.
Hi placuere tibi,
placeat devotio nostra:
Rex bone, Rex clemens,
cui bona cuncta placent.

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