Gregorian chant: Justorum animae (Lyric Video)


Adoration of the Cross


Published on Aug 31, 2019

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About the chant:
In purgatory, the souls of many of those who have died in God’s grace undergo purification so that they may enter heaven.
For another good way to look at it, think of your soul at baptism as being bright white. In your daily life it picks up bits of grime from sin, much like snow in a city a few days after a winter storm.
However, our prayers for these souls can help alleviate their sufferings and help them reach heaven more quickly. Although they can no longer pray for themselves, they can and do pray for us as well out of gratitude!
Audio: 'Justorum animae' performed by the monks Of the abbey Of Notre Dame
(C) Interra
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Artwork: A soul carried to Heaven by William-Adolphe Bouguereau licenced under a creative common licence (CC)
Chant Text:
Justorum animae in manu Dei sunt,
et non tanget illos tormentum mortis.
Visi sunt oculis insipientium mori,
illi autem sunt in pace