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 Created Jun 9, 2009


Life is a miracle.The preborn child has a right to life.Pregnant mother please make the wise choice to bring your baby into the world.Abortion is not the answer.The baby in your womb is a real live person,a human.At the moment of conception upon fertilization,at that very moment DNA is established..The eye color hair color facial features personality & I.Q. are set at that very moment for your son or daughter.....Those are all traits of an individual..There are no two DNAs alike as there are no two sets of fingerprints alike..& the baby in the sack has fingerprints..When you abort your precious unborn,you are essentially terminating the life of an individual that will never get a chance to be born ever again...Not to mention that preborn child is your own flesh & blood..That baby would eventually have children..You would have grandchildren,greatgrandchildren & so on..If you abort that one pre born baby,you are aborting...