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 Created Aug 31, 2007


1920"s fights between Arab palestinians -mostly muslims and christians- and hebrew immigrants
1948 hebrew jews declare the establishment of israel over palestine land , 6 arab armies go in a fight with them , but lose due to betrayal of their leaders
750.000 palestinians are forced by hebrews to leave their land for
1964 the establishment of PLO -Palestinian liberation organization- formed of all palestinians factions
1967 second Arab israeli war , arabs lose again due to betrayal even though they done good in first 3 days of war
1967 PLO is reconstructed under Yasir Arafat leadership
1968 PLO stops isrel from marching towards jordan , King hussein of jordan claim that jordanian forces done that and problems start between PLO and jordan
1970 at july King Husein of jordan order a massacre against PLO killing thousands of them PLO refuse to respond to their arab brothers and flee to lebanon
1970's PLO packed with ussr , and israel packed with usa...