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ODD Reality

Welcome to ODD TV - where sci fi & fantasy merge with reality.
My name is O.D.D and I've been rapping and producing music for over 15 years in Denver, CO. I'm in my 30's and I've been becoming aware of the massive deception going on in the world since 2008. I have always been a movie freak and I even dreamed of owning a movie store as a child. So much for that. Haha. Anyway, I enjoy taking things that I see in movies and other media, while I pay attention critically, and comparing it to what I see in reality. I put a lot of focus into the production value of my videos including the creation of my own music.

We will be going over Conspiracies A-Z, as well as movies and other media.

Truth and music videos

Flat Earth in 5 Minutes ▶️️

ODD Reality

Published Aug 29, 2016