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Health, Beauty, and Medical Facts

My channel is geared to people who are interested in living life healthy and not be drug/chemical dependent. I been studying holistic and integrated medicines and practices for over 25 years, and have produced my own products that have awesome results who I have shared with. I will never get approved by the FDA because of their relationship with all the drug companies. So I have to do my studies, and report it as my own findings when i produce it. I have beaten 3 type of cancer without the use of radiation or chemotherapy. have great knowledge in supplements, essential oils, vitamins, and other natural ways. I have produce Lip balm, Anti-aging cream, oil pulling for gums and teeth, and an inhaler for headaches and congestion. As i gain more subscribers, I will give out recipes and my products. All my products are 100% organic, natural, not a ounce of anything that would be considered chemical. I'm really excited about my anti-aging cream, I love it and so did everyone else