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The world is full of lies, nothing is as it seems. Not trying to come off as a crazy son of a b****, but it is what it is. Things have been held from us, secrets that would blow our freaking minds. Why do you think they are trying to cut down on this type of information? Because it's true and they do not want anybody to find out. I've always been able to keep an open mind and I encourage others to do the same. Always ask *Q*uestions. It will open up a whole new sense of freedom of the mind that you could never fathom .I try to show a little bit of that and show what I consider important or cool with my fellow man.

I'm a big-time music fan, and I like to try to mix a dose of wokeness and music the same time. I'm very versatile, anything from DJ screw, to Pantera, to Hank Williams, to Sinatra, to Ray Charles go to Beethoven. Music has and always will be a big part of my life. Ever since I was a kid. It helps me ease my worries away. #WWG1WGA - Q