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Brethren bob

Born Again Saved! independent Fundamental Christian. Gods Holy preserved word is The kjv bible Only, The FINAL AUTHORITY, GODS WORD. I Call NO man upon this earth father, rabbi or master for one is my Father which is in Heaven, I love Truth, if U LOVE NOT The Truth, PISS OFF! Through Gods Perfect Word We Shall Find The Truth. JESUS is the WAY The TRUTH And The LIFE. I`m a sinner Saved by GRACE, Jesus died for my sin, he died for the whole world, He died for all mans sins. After three days JESUS Resurrected, Bodily Rose Again. Because i Believe & Trust in Him, JESUS Christ the SON of GOD, GOD in the FLESH the ONLY BEGOTTEN of The FATHER By FAITH I am Saved. By GOD`S Grace I have ETERNAL LIFE, ITS A FREE GIFT I will NEVER PERISH! EVERLASTING LIFE ITS Free "ONES SAVED ALWAYS SAVED!" I Have Remission of my Sins Its that simple Trust and Believe GET SAVED. Call upon the LORD! I am NOT righteous JESUS Is my ONLY Righteousness,.Praise Our LORD JESUS CHRIST He PAYED it ALL, On The...


Enoch Book of Nonsense

Brethren bob

Published Feb 14, 2017