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 Created Oct 21, 2009


Please view the videos I have in my Favourites section. It doesn't matter what colour your skin is, but it does matter what your belief is. Like or not, turn a blind, bury your head in the sand, one day you will wake up and it will be like no other day the UK & EU has ever witnessed! For this day will be upon us within 25 years, it is the day that the muslims will march upon our towns and cities. It will be a day of slaughter, rape, butchery and theft! Their ranks are massing, their culture is growing and their army is expanding. There will be no hiding place, no segregation and no multiculturalism, only islam.

You may think I am a crank, racist or whatever? I ask you not to judge me or this channel until you can honestly say that you have investigated islam for yourself. Until you can guarantee yourself I am not telling a single grain of truth. And if you were to find the truth was the opposite to what I have placed upon this channel, then you shall have the right...