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 Created Oct 18, 2006


ONLY THE TRUTH CAN MAKE us FREE! Jesus Christ is the Lion of Judah & Lord of Hosts. War is on! Satan enslaves, robs, kills, destroys through lies, injustice & control by the Jewish owners of the Central Banks, the Rothshilds etc. Our nations are ruled by people selected by them on existing or set-up and recorded issues of shame they exploit to blackmail them into submission. OUR GOVERNMENTS DON'T WORK FOR THE PEOPLE BUT FOR THE BANKERS/ the JESUITS! ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS! They now war against Syria, Iran & North Korea to take control of their Central Banks also. They manipulate the world through the MSM they own! As ONLY THE TRUTH CAN MAKE us FREE I share facts & truth as DutchLionFrans the enemy denies, whose agenda is to murder 6 billion people through denial of Creation by God, thus robbing dignity and purpose from humanity to make them obedient slaves to wage their wars & murder through 'health'care, education, the destruction of society, the family,...