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 Created Feb 21, 2009

Douglas Christie

This channel was started by Douglas Christie (1946-2013) who advocated and fought for freedom of speech and for individual liberty throughout his life and career as a lawyer in Canada. He was a defense lawyer who acted on his belief that every accused is entitled to a real defense. During his career, he acted in most of the major (and highly controversial) free speech cases in Canada, most of which went to the Supreme Court of Canada. He was also the founder of the Western Canada Concept, and spokesman for Western Canadian independence from 1978 until his death in March 2013. During the 1990's he was a major inspirational speaker for freedom, around the world. This channel is now an archive for speeches, interviews and other events from his life, in the hope that they might inspire viewers to pursue their own search for truth, and to use the power of thought and speech, as free human beings.