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 Created Apr 28, 2007

Racial Love


1) The procreative power (sex)

2) Anything that reminds us of the path back to God.

3) Duty to one's family and people.

These are the 3 sacred things.

Anybody or any people who attacks any of the 3 sacred things: The sacredness of sex, the sacredness of God and religious remembrance, or the sacredness of our duty and natural bonds -- is our outright attacker.

Christianity is the great Bhakti-Yoga of Europe and contains the Yoga of the Aryan Upanishads. Its essential elements are: 1) Austerities, 2) Chastity except in marriage, 3) Devotion for God (bhakti), and meditation. With these Christianity will again become the great unifier and prosperity insurance for Whites. Jesus is the sat-guru of the White Europeans. White Europeans should study both the Upanishads and go to churches.