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 Created Jun 7, 2007


I am a young, Swedish, Roman Catholic who is deeply concerned by the spiritual and moral state of Sweden. I hope theese films will inspire others to join the crusade for the re-conversion of Sweden and Scandinavia under the banner "Per Mariam ad Jesum".

Clarification to Avoid Potential Confusions - this crusade is, of course, a spiritual one, not one of force or violence. Christ does not need that, He converts people's hearts with His Humble Spirit. The fruits of this crusade are to be all virtues - Faith, Hope and Charity + Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude! And also the grace to hate sin but to love the sinner.

As Catholics we welcome all men and women of good will, including non-Catholics and even atheists, to The Annual Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage to Vadstena, which some of the videos above are about. We are open to all honest people who seek God, as our mercyful Lord was and is, and do not turn away people who search for the Truth.