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 Created Dec 10, 2019

Journalism In Context

Welcome to Journalism In Context, we are Independent news company that seeks to put the journalism back in the news.

True journalism is meant to inform the public, not sensationalize headlines for profit. Time and time again journalists mislead the public for monetary gain, notoriety, or their own agendas. Our editors and writers are committed to making sure the article is fair and balanced in it's reporting.

We currently live in a time where 6 companies own and control the entire market in the dissemination of information in the United States and have similar circumstances in other countries. Journalism In Context intends to throw their hat in the ring and provide fair, balanced, and informative articles, and allow the reader the freedom to develop and cultivate their own educated opinion, and encourage them to dive into the sources, and seek other sources to further educate their opinion on the respective matter.