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 Created Sep 26, 2013
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Atheism-is-Unstoppable | Just another step in the all too important process of shaking free from our ignorant, patently moronic and barbaric history, this channel serves to openly point out the laughable nature of religious thought, expose it for it's absurdity and falseness and push the needle towards rational thought and sanity.

The mission, if there was one, is to rally together people who have the cognitive wherewithal to figure out that there are no invisible sky daddies, or elves, or unicorns for that matter. To stand up and be counted as someone who isn't obviously deluding himself for the sake of feeling cozy and happy at night, or for the pursuit of the grand daddy prize of any narcissist, eternal life. The point is to give voice, a loud, unafraid, and strong voice to those that would use reason and critical thought - to those that actually value science and evidence.

I am just a guy who...


we need more.


Published Jun 25, 2020