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 Created Dec 4, 2007


Islam offers nothing to men but the false hope of a twisted paradise. It uses fear to suppress and stupefy the masses, enriching and empowering imams and tyrants alike.
Islam, more than any doctrine conceived by man, uses mind-numbing ritual and senseless rites to manipulate and fleece the flock. Islamic prayer is not a conversation with God; it is a performance to be acted out. Islamic worship isn't heartfelt praise; it's mindless, obligatory, and repetitive. The Koran is not to be questioned or understood; it is to be obeyed. The islamic "god" is "unknown" for a reason. He is repulsive.
The koran is not reliable. It is not the word of god
Here is Hadith so to illustrate this point. Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 561 Here is the link.
If Muhammad were...