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 Created Apr 29, 2015

The European Guardian

About Us
An unconventional war is being waged on the minds of the masses.  A strict code of thought control, benignly referred to as Political Correctness, has permeated almost every aspect of our society.  This code is enforced by intellectuals, academics, politicians, and special interest groups who benefit from silencing any resistance to their policies and agenda.
The European Guardian is a online news aggregator that focuses on bringing people news and stories from across Europe with the object of opposing Political Correctness with full force by covering topics and news that the "PC Police" do not want the masses to discuss. comes to topics such as affirmative action, the LGBT agenda, multiculturalism and diversity, the Islamization of Europe and mass third world immigration, among others. Traditional media often state that they are unbiased but we argue that there is an overwhelming left-leaning bias among European mainstream media. The aforementioned subjects...