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 Created Oct 8, 2011

Decan Stone

We are Europeans who are opposed to the systemic genocide of our people through massive non-European immigration and integration. We are opposed to the anti-White mainstream media (from the BBC to hollywood). We are opposed to any policy that is detrimental to our people (non-European immigration, cheap outsourcing, environmental exploitation, etc). Long term sustainability is more important than short term profitability for a few!

Ethnic Europeans will be minorities in their own lands before 2050 and virtually extinct by the end of the century. European culture, arguably the greatest the world has seen, has already been altered by hedonistic hollywood culture and other foreign cultures

We do not hate non-Europeans! We respect other races that live peacefully in their own lands and we expect the same. Europeans have a unique heritage, culture and genetic makeup and we have the right to preserve this, as does every other race. If you don't agree with this then you...