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 Created Dec 26, 2016

Lawful Rebel

Our purpose is to inspire questioning, critical thinking and inquisitive and rational debate. If you want to be free and thrive there are truths you must know about. Once you have information you need to think and integrate it and process it into the sum of your knowledge. This means being intellectually sovereign or trusting one's own considered judgement. Thinking and the use of reason are key.

The "Living Outside The Matrix" series presents 'need-to-know' information so you can build this essential knowledge. It explores the many modern myths with a rational examination of the evidence and by questioning important issues within the mainstream view.

To make sure we find the truth we must check assumptions, check definitions, think in terms of essentials and get to the fundamentals of each issue.

This is the channel for thinking people where we explore techniques of thinking, how to be healthy, happy and live a successful life. In short, how to THRIVE....