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Watch REAL NazBol videos on this channel - that's why they were banned (because they are REAL!)
White Juche is revolutionary Nationalism and progressive Socialism combined. National Bolshevism is not Fascism or right-wing. It is the will to act according to Nietzsche, the goal of national and working-class self-salvation according to Marx and Hegel, it is the triumph over Christian thought according to Feuerbach, Pantheism and pro-evolutionary geneticist science free of politically correct dogmatism. It is a combination of White Kim Il-Sungism and the insight that Aryan Man was created as equal Workers by the Anunnaki according to Zecharia Sitchin and it agrees with Darwin's survival of the fittest, including the fittest intelligence. White Juche desires the Nationalization and control of the means of production by the government excluding free enterprise, plutocracy or private initiative. The Socialization of Nationalism - the Nationalization of Socialism.