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 Created Mar 31, 2008
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Welcome to my channel.

I stick to the rules, my rules

An open mind is a pathway to knowledge and wisdom unreachable for some. Don't fear your thoughts, embrace them that you might understand them one day.

Always look for the truth, even when you suppose it's the truth. Some things are just make belief.

I meet everybody with respect. All my friends are my brothers and sisters.
I go through the world confidently.
I am courteous and helpful wherever this is necessary.
I shall not do things just by halves and shall not give up, even in difficult situations.
I shall develop my own opinion and stand by it.
I shall say what I think and do what I say.
I shall live modestly and in an environmental conscious manner.
I shall stand by my origins and my faith.
(Gesetz Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg, German Scout Law with one modification)
This also my own personal law.

Semper Fidelis