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 Created Dec 8, 2010


Welcome to the Alternative Reality News Channel. Here you will find News that is based on real-world events relative to the causes of the global financial crisis and the ongoing destruction of America.

The information presented here is with a strong intent to EXPOSE EVIL at its ROOTS.

Evil has many manifestations. However, whether you realize it, or not, the causes of all the world's inflections --wars, corrupt governments, and so on, are caused by one main source...
A Zionist Empire.

What then is the British Empire?
Who Controls the British Empire?
Do you really know?

In the world today, is a "global financial empire" that can be pin-pointed as the source of all the evil in the world. The Queen of Britain isn't the real power of authority of Britain ... she only represents symbolically that authority. Who then is calling the shots? London's Elite of Financiers. LaRouche refers to "this" as the British Empire,...