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 Created Jul 10, 2014

Bryson Gray

Bryson Gray is a Christian Conservative Artist, producer and personality from High Point, North
Carolina, currently living in Greensboro, NC. In the past year, Bryson has achieved great musical success
with his gospel album, Can’t Cancel God, which reached number 1 on the iTunes Gospel Album Charts, in
addition, the album was on the iTunes American Charts for 4 days, reaching as high as #22. Bryson’s
political album Maga SZN reached #59 on the Billboard Best Current Selling Album Chart, his single
Trump is your President reached #3 on Billboard Best Selling Rap Single Chart, and #7 on Billboard Best
Selling Single Chart, all as a self-funded independent artist.
Over the past 4 years, Bryson has been traveling the country fighting for Christian Conservative
causes, but most important, Bryson is a devoted Christian, and as his tag line states, “I used to rap for the devil, now I rap for God,” Bryson has
devoted his life to serving Christ.


Let's Go Brandon - Bryson Gray

Bryson Gray

Published Oct 21, 2021