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 Created Mar 14, 2008

Pater Rolf Lingen

Pater Rolf Hermann Lingen
römisch-katholischer Priester "Sedisvakantist" - NICHT Vatikanum 2
Goldbrink 2a
46282 Dorsten
+49236245083 wurde ins Ausland abgegeben.

Succession: Bishop Alois Stumpfl - Schismatic / Old-ROMAN-Catholic (*NOT*: Old-Catholic!); Stumpfl ordained AND consecrated Friedrich Wiechert; Stumpfl ordained AND consecrated Josef Maria Thiesen; Wiechert ordained Schmitz, Thiesen consecrated Schmitz.
In 1978, Schmitz abjured from the Old-Roman-Catholic Church, testified by Marcel Lefebvre and Franz Schmidberger, and became member of the "Society of St. Pius X". In 1981, Schmitz became sedevacantist and left the FSSPX. In 1996, he ordained me.
NOTE: Thiesen - as priest - converted to Catholicism. His ordination was considered valid by the Catholic Church both under Pius XI. and under Pius XII.