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 Created May 23, 2012

WhiteRabbits Land

I'm not enjoying diversity.

Some interesting question which I hope you will answer for me. Please answer in the comment section.

1) What is Semitism?

2) Holocaust Denial
- No evidence of gas chambers
- No evidence of mass burials
- No evidence of human skin lampshades
- No evidence of planned extermination of Jews
- Yes Jews and other political prisoners were rounded up and made to work in work camps, of which there is ample evidence.
What exactly is being denied?

3) Why is Israel for the Jews and why have there been expulsions of African immigrants due to fears it was changing the character of Israel, yet Jewish multicultural propagandists are all over Europe calling the natives racist and influencing government policy that European countries must accept millions of Africans and other foreigners?

4) If 911 wasn't a conspiracy, what was it?

5) If you are told you aren't allowed to question certain subjects,...