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 Created Jul 20, 2018
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Stephen Ignoramus

Interviewer, Learner, Podcaster, Musician/Music Educator, Man. Goal: Funny-est, Actual: Funny-ish.
Reads, Moves, Questions, Learns, Looks, Thinks, Does. Streams 5x a week or more. Always looking for guests on my show and cool people to hang in my live chat.

Talk, News, Music, Interviews, Ignorance.
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"Daily Ignoramus" = every weekday, around mid-day.
"Call Me Ignorant" = conversation/podcast show. I try to do 2 a week. Spotify, Podbean, Apple, Google Play
"Know-Nothing Party" = live music stream 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 8PM Eastern

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Also streams and uploads to Bitchute, DLive, Twitch, Periscope and Mixer. Links...